Global Traders of leading Beauty Brands

Our Products

We specialize in American and European Brands of Hair care, Skin care, Cosmetics, Nail Polishes, Lotions and more. Our Value added services includes export packing & documentation.

More for your money

Why Buy from Us

Besides competitive pricing, we are experts in the products that we sell and we understand the markets needs. We can help you with products selection, pricing, governmental documentation, export packaging and shipping.

More for your money

Value Added Services

Labelling | Re-Labelling | Repacking | Special Packaging | Bar-Coding | Flow Wrapping

Exporting Compliance

Proper customs and export planning is the first step to success.

Why sell to Us

We treat your business and products with respect and selling to us will not diminish its value. We have unique distribution channels that will not interfere with your current markets. Our trusted retail partners sell in traditional brick and mortar storefronts and do not sell our products over the internet.

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